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The Disappearance of Sarah

The Disappearance of Sarah

Joyce Tremel

Ten long years, but I remember it like it was yesterday. One minute we were laughing over the “prediction” Sarah had gotten from the fortune teller's booth in the arcade, the next minute she was gone. Vanished. I never saw my fifteen year old best friend again.

I hadn't been to Folly Park since. Until today. I felt drawn to the auction of equipment in the now closed park. I had to see that booth one last time. I wanted the closure that I knew would never come. I wanted to make sense of Sarah's disappearance.

My stomach was in knots as I approached the booth. I dug a quarter from my purse, dropped it in the slot. The fortune teller began moving, her hand sliding mechanically across her tarot cards. Seconds later, a card popped out. I picked it up, thinking about what had been on Sarah's card. Hers read, “You will meet a mysterious stranger.”

I looked at my card, not seeing the words through my tears.

“I knew you would come,” a voice behind me said. Even after all this time I recognized it.

I turned around. “Sarah.”